Tawaran PANAS! 72 Ebook PLR

Salam hormat,

Anda mencari bahan utk menulis ebook pertama anda? Atau sedang berkira2 nak buat blog sendiri? Atau sedang menyediakan bahan utk facebook fanpage? Tiada masa untuk mencipta / menulis sendiri ebook anda? Atau macam2 lagi idea anda sekarang ni…tapi tak tau nak buat macam mana…


72 file Ebook PLR yang kesemuanya adalah high quality.. Pembeli boleh jadikan ebook, boleh buat artikel utk post dalam blog, boleh guna utk post dalam forum, boleh buat membership site dan gunakan sebagai produk, boleh tukar jadikan DVD kan kemudian jual dan banyak lagi ! Pendek kata boleh buat apa sahaja dan macam-macam…. Kalau nak upah penulis, mungkin anda akan dikenakan kos RM30 – RM50 utk setiap ebook.

18 ebook PLR in English DAN 54 ebook PLR bahasa melayu – SEMUANYA BARU DAN PANAS!

Travelling to Europe & Staying Safe.doc
The Truth About Essential Oils.doc
The Basics Of FX Trading.doc
Supplements For Health.doc
Raw Food Diet.doc
Improving Your Brain Power.doc
How To Become a BBQ Champion.doc
How To Apply For A Scholarship.doc
Home Brewing.doc
Complete Guide To Removing Pet Odors In Your Home.doc
Catching Your Cheating Lover.doc
Buying Homes In Foreclosure Auctions.doc
Beginers Guide To Yoga Book.doc
Ask A Girl Out.doc
Arthritis Pain & Relief.doc
Air Purifiers – How Dirty Is The Air You Breathe  Are Air Purifiers Worth It.doc
40 Day Guide To Planning Your Wedding.doc
10 Day Detox.doc


Tips Menjadi Seorang Super Affiliate.docx
Tips List Responsif.doc
Teknik Tambah Pendapatan Perniagaan.docx
Teknik Sempoi Tulis Surat Jualan.docx
Teknik Mudah Ayat Jualan.docx
Teknik Menulis Email.docx
Teknik Cari Mood Untuk Tulis Ebook.docx
Strategi Pemasaran Efektif.doc
Rahsia Web Efektif.doc
Rahsia Untuk Kaya Dan Hidup Mewah.doc
Rahsia Pengiklanan Efektif.doc
Rahsia Pemasaran Artikel.docx
Rahsia Pakar Presentation.docx
Rahsia Kekayaan dan Kemewahan Hidup.docx
Rahsia Ezine.doc
Rahsia Bonus Produk Affiliate.docx
Rahsia Bisnes Printing.docx
Rahsia Bisnes Gaya Pos.doc
Prinsip Jutawan Yang Tidak Akan Gagal.docx
Panduan Tulis Tajuk Ebook.docx
Panduan Simple Menulis Ebook.docx
Panduan Ringkas Pemasaran Affiliate.doc
Panduan Ringkas Memulakan Perniagaan Internet.docx
Panduan Promosi di Facebook.docx
Panduan Menulis Laporan Percuma.docx
Panduan Mengajar Anak di Rumah.docx
Panduan Membina Kredibiliti.docx
Panduan Membina Buyer List.docx
Panduan Membeli Hosting dan Domain.doc
Panduan Meletakkan Harga Ebook.docx
Panduan Lengkap Persiapan dan Persediaan Temuduga.docx
Panduan Freelancer Writer.docx
Panduan Berhenti Merokok.docx
Panduan Asas Memulakan Perniagaan Internet.doc
Panduan 101 Produk Informasi.docx
Nota Pintar Pemasaran Affiliate.docx
Minda Wang.docx
Formula Pendapatan Segera Dari Internet.docx
Email Formula.docx
Checklist Perniagaan Ebook.doc
Buat Duit Dengan Menulis.docx
Buat Duit Dengan Blog.docx
Asas dan Prinsip Kejayaan Temuduga.docx
10 Tips Penulisan Artikel.docx
14 Rahsia Affiliate.doc
3 Teknik Cari Idea Tajuk Ebook
30 Idea Tulis Follow Up.docx
4 Kriteria Perlu Ada Dalam Penulisan Ebook.docx
5 Niche Pasti Hot.docx
5 Perkara Seorang Affiliate Perlu Elak.docx
50 Strategi Pemasaran.doc
6 Langkah Mencipta Produk Digital.docx
7 Mitos Mengenai Jualan Ebook.docx
7 Strategi Pemasaran Gerilla.docx


Semua file adalah dalam .doc atau .docx, mudah untuk diedit !!!
Puas hati punyalah…


Cepat……siapa cepat dia yang untung !
Tapi, untuk 30 (TIGA PULUH) orang sahaja…… RM59 sahaja….siapa cepat dia dapat !

Email atau reply blog post saya ni, kalau berminat.
Terima kasih.
Cara membuat tempahan :

Langkah 1 : Buat Bayaran


Sila buat bayaran ke akaun di bawah atas nama Mohamad Fardaus Rahmat


No akaun : 1643 2429 4598


Langkah 2. Hantar Email Tempahan

Setelah bayaran dibuat, sila email kepada fardaus.rahmat@gmail.com beserta dengan

bukti pembayaran.


Itu sahaja……


Dalam tempoh 48 jam, saya akan emailkan link download produk-produk tadi.


Itu sahaja. Ikhlas dari saya.


Fardaus Rahmat


Free Photo Editing Software

Let’s look into free photo editing software.

Are there any cheaper alternatives to Adobe Photoshop CS2’s steep price?

There are a handful of products in the under-$100 price range, with products available from Adobe, Corel, and even Microsoft. But, there are also a variety of programs available in an even lower price range–free! Freeware programs (where the owner has released the program for download without payment) and open-source programs (where the programmer has released the code to the program for others to expand upon) are both available on the Internet for anyone who wants to take the time to look for them.

At the top of the list of free image editors is the GNU Image Manipulation Program, or GIMP. Originally designed for Unix, GIMP is free shareware and is open source–which means programmers can add features without having to wait for a parent company to upgrade the program. GIMP has a variety of filters, effects, tools and abilities, and some reviewers compare it favorably to Photoshop CS2. Installation is a bit of work, since there are two install files. And unlike other downloadable shareware or freeware programs, there are no spyware or adware programs bundled with the Gimp.

Google’s Picasa program rates highly. However, Picasa is focused more towards organizing images as opposed to editing them, so it’s nowhere near the power of a Photoshop or a GIMP. However, it still has a selection of image tools, like color correction and red eye repair.

There are other open-source or free image editing programs available. Paint.NET is an image editor written in C#. Pixia was originally designed for the anime (Japanese animation) community. And OpenCanvas was originally designed as a sketch program for drawing tablets–it will remember the sketch, stroke by stroke, and will even turn the sketch into an animation that shows how the item was drawn, line by line.


See ya’.



A Career In Fashion Photography

Dear All,

We see them everywhere, in magazines, on the run way, in advertisements on TV. They are the slender women strutting their stuff or extra ordinary beauties with their sultry looks flashing their pearly whites while wearing the newest styles from the hottest Designers. We are talking about the fashion models of today, yesterday and tomorrow. They are everywhere we look, but who brings them to us? Their images are captures with care and precision, patience and that special look for style, color and lighting composition. I am talking about the fashion photographers.

In the fashion circles famous names like Mario Testino (easily one of the hottest names out there) and Eva Mueller (photographer for Fashion Magazine Allure) are just as sought out if not more then those men and women sauntering their way into our conscious.

High paychecks and glamour’s lifestyle of hob nobbing it with the rich and famous might be the dream of many young shutterbug, however it is not easy to reach the golden staircases of the well-known fashion houses and magazines. For every one talented photographer, hundreds are left panting at the sidewalk, only dreaming about the moment that their photo will be chosen.

Here are a few tips for the novice and dreamer of dreams in getting started in fashion photography. Study your subject. You can never learn enough. Read and look at any fashion Magazine you can get your hand on. There are fantastic books on fashion and fashion photography available. Amazon.com has a true treasure trove available.

You need one or two good cameras, tripod and a lighting system. Always make sure that you have plenty of film and batteries available. SLR and digital cameras take different photos, so make sure you find the best for your field.

When submitting your work, hopefully to give a chance you have to have a portfolio on hand, just in case the editor of the fashion magazine wants to see samples of your work. I assure you if they consider working with you that is going to be a fact.
The sharp, bright images of a 4X5” transparency show of your work to its best effort. If you have already had a publication, no matter if, it was a small neighborhood magazine/paper or a contest a tear sheet (literally a sheet you tore out of the magazine) works well. If neither is at hand a good high quality 8 X 10 “is acceptable as well. You want to make sure that you have a minimum of 20 photos in your portfolio and preferably different styles. You want to show your expertise in full figure or just partial body parts.

Remember, fashion includes jewelry and accessories. Sometimes a watch from a famous maker on the slender wrist of a beautiful woman is a good fashion shoot. If you are applying for the job, be prepared to leave your Portfolio behind for an extended period of time, sometimes as much as a couple of weeks. I would advice you to make copies and have several on hand. This comes in handy when showing your work to many different people for consideration for fashion work.

In the time of modern technology, it is good to display your talent as a fashion photographer online as well. Set up a website; submit your photos to contests. Submit them to an online fashion gallery. This helps with getting your work seen and people can see what type of work you actually do and can do for them.

Most editors are looking for your personality in the photos you take. Each fashion photographer captures the soul of the fashion and its model differently. There are a couple of very good “how to get started” websites on the net. Most importantly, if this is your dream, don’t give up. Keep trying and I hope to see your images on the cover of my next hot fashion magazine.

That’s it from me today.

Keep in touch! See ya.


Subway Buy 1 FREE 1

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera.

Jangan ingat tajuk saya main-main ye.. saya dah tengok dari tengahari tadi kat kedai Subway ygsama.. org ramai beratur sampai ke luar pintu.. semua gara-gara promosi subway buy 1 free 1… saya pun tak pasti apa menu subway utk hari ni.. tapi saya rasa semua menu sama jek..

Nantilah.. kalau saya dapat masuk dlm kedai subway, saya share menu..hehe
Macam la sempat kan.. 😉

Jumpa lagi…

Cipta APP Anda Sendiri?

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera,

Telefon smart-phone makin banyak dalam pasaran… komputer yang nipis pun makin banyak di pasaran…

TETAPI… saya dah boleh cipta APP saya sendiri… tak percaya? Download kat sini: FARDAUS APP

Simple je sebenarnya steps nak create APP sendiri ni ye… saya pun dah berkira-kira nak memberikan perkhidmatan buat APP utk sesiapa yang berminat :)… saya caj murah je…

Tapi apa sebenarnya APP ni? App ni sebenarnya kependekan dari perkataan APPLICATION… pendek nya disebut APP..
Kalau para pembaca perasan, smart phone sekarang ni semua boleh download app kan? Samsung ke… nokia ke… blackberry ke… iphone sekali pun… semua boleh download app… game tu pun app juga…

Pencipta apps ni semuanya boleh menjadikan minat mereka sebagai satu sumber pendapatan… pencipta/founder Temple Run.. rasanya dah dapat untung  sangat-sangat banyak… lebih sejuta dah.. sejak mula-mula dia letak dalam iphone…sampai lah skrg ni dah available kat android phone… nampak potensi bisnes APP ni?

Anda bukan programmer? Takde masalah…. saya pun bukan programmer.. tapi saya boleh buat FARDAUS APP
Anda takde masa? Kamon lah… takkan sampai takde masa… bukan buat program susah2 pun… 🙂


Anyway… saya sekadar berkongsi cerita dan pengalaman saya sendiri.. kalau anda nampak potensi bisnes APP ni.. bagus lah..
Kalau masih tak faham, kita boleh bercerita kemudian… call saya kat facebook saya: FARDAUS RAHMAT


Sampai jumpa lagi nanti…




Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera,

Semalam saya dok baca Mingguan Wanita.. fuhhh… punyalah banyak IKLAN ye?
Nasib baik artikel-artikel dalam MW pun tak sedikit… kalau artikel sikit dibandingkan dengan IKLAN… memang jawabnya jadi majalah iklan je lah MW nanti…

Anyway.. apa yang saya nak kongsi di sini ialah berkenaan IKLAN itu sendiri…
Memang sebenarnya kalau kita nak cari idea perniagaan, kita boleh tengok pada iklan-iklan sebegini…

Sebab apa?.. Sebab iklan-iklan macam ni sebenarnya menunjukkan bahawa peniaga ada pasaran yang luas dah sentiasa mahukan sesuatu… So, pada sesiapa yang baru nak berjinak-jinak dengan perniagaan dan tengah mencari idea nak bisnes apa… boleh la tengok iklan-iklan macam dalam MW ni atau majalah-majalah lain…

Saya tulis pasal MW sebab kebetulan saya baca MW semalam…sebab tu saya jadikan contoh..

Kesimpulan saya = IKLAN = PASARAN = PENDAPATAN … kacchinnnnggg…  🙂


Terima kasih.


Assalamualaikum semua…
Hari yang indah hari ni… alhamdulillah… dapat saya publish website ni..

Sambil2 tu, dapat juga saya prepare satu app utk website saya ni…best sebenarnya buat APP ni ye..  🙂

Harapan saya, saya dapat membantu sesiapa yang berminat dengan HR atau Perniagaan Internet …